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Personal Injury Attorneys Laredo

Unlawful advertising trend plaguing law firm marketing.

One of the best Personal Injury Attorneys in Laredo : Personal Injury Lawyers of Laredo.

Many lawyers like to present themselves as the “best” or “certified” or “a Super Lawyer” or “AV rated” or “Martindale Hubbell” rated or a member of the “Million Dollar Advocates Forum” or “Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum”. Ultimately, in order for a person to present themselves as an attorney, he or she had to have graduated from an accredited law school, passed the bar exam and kept his or her law license current with the State Bar of Texas by taking continuous educational courses.

Any other certifications or ratings are merely ways for lawyers to try to differentiate themselves from other lawyers for marketing purposes. A lawyer who represents himself as the “best” or claims to be an “expert” (aside from a few random scenarios) is committing an ethical violation and should be reported to the State Bar of Texas. The State Bar of Texas sets forth strict guidelines that all attorneys must follow with their marketing practices. These guidelines are in the best interest of a potential client as it keeps them from being bombarded by most marketing jargon, thereby enabling them to choose a Texas attorney based on reputation and skills rather than superlatives.”Super Lawyers” in Texas
Personal Injury Lawyers Laredo Tx
In Texas, there is a magazine called “D” Magazine. A number of years ago, in an attempt to increase ad revenue for the magazine, the magazine came up with the “Super Lawyer” distinction. In order to become a member and to refer to themselves as a Super Lawyer, an attorney must meet certain criteria. These criteria can be read in detail on the magazine’s website, but ultimately these criteria are set forth by the magazine and not by any formal authority. The benefit for the magazine is that the lawyers who are invited to become members can then buy advertising space in the magazine. As such, a large number of lawyers buy ad space in the magazine.

Again, the “Super lawyer” concept was created to increase ad revenue for the magazine. It is a legal way for a lawyer to be able to put the word “Super” before lawyer, as the State Bar lets an attorney reference the good things that others have said about him, even when he cannot make such claims himself. The same can be said about being the marketing terms “AV” rated, “Martindale Hubbell” rated or a member of the “Million Dollar Advocates Forum” or “Multi Million Dollar Advocates Forum”. What the general public may not be aware of, is that most of these titles can be purchased. This is the equivalent of buying a ribbon or trophy without necessarily earning them in a sporting event.

There are some exceptions. Our attorneys are members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. The distinction lies in the fact that membership into this particular group is based entirely on performance, rather than spending power.

Overall, most of these phrases are just a clever way for magazines and other types of publications to increase revenue. The lawyer uses it as a vehicle to create a strategic advantage in his marketing efforts. Unfortunately, we think it just confuses the general public.

Hiring an attorney is an important decision, and you should hire an attorney based on his past performance, areas of experience, and reputation rather than because he uses a catchy title.Practice AreasCar AccidentsTrucking AccidentsOn the Job InjuriesWrongful DeathConstruciton AccidentsBoating AccidentsPremises LiabilityContact UsWhat Our Clients SaySuccessesLegal Disclaimer – Snow Law Firm

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